Diamond Defender Pendant
Diamond Defender Pendant
Diamond Defender Pendant

Diamond Defender Pendant

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Behold the "Diamond Defender Pendant," a resplendent symbol of protection and valor. Crafted with exquisite diamonds, this pendant represents the wearer's strength and courage within. With each diamond representing the resilience and fortitude that lies within, this pendant becomes a tangible emblem of protection. Wear it proudly as a reminder of your own inner strength, a beacon of valor that accompanies you through life's challenges. Let the "Diamond Defender Pendant" be your steadfast companion, an embodiment of unwavering courage and a symbol of your unyielding spirit.

Reference Specifications:

Length (mm) Width (mm) Thickness (mm) Gold (g) Carat (ct)
25 11 5 2.14 0.11
  • 100% Natural Diamonds
  • VS-SI Clarity Diamonds
  • H-I Colored Ethically Sourced Diamonds
  • Handset Stones
  • Dimensions, gold and carat weight may vary by +/- 5% due to the nature of manufacturing processes