Diamond Money Bag Pendant
Diamond Money Bag Pendant
Diamond Money Bag Pendant

Diamond Money Bag Pendant

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Introducing the "Diamond Money Bag Pendant", a symbol of hip-hop andfine fashion culture. This pendant exudes a bold and unapologetic vibe, mirroring the style of rappers and trendsetters. Crafted with mesmerizing natural diamonds, it symbolizes the pursuit of success and the lavish lifestyle that accompanies it. Like a glittering trophy, it captures the essence of wealth and prosperity, inviting you to embrace the opulence of the hip-hop and fashion world. Whether on stage or in the streets, this pendant is a testament to your hustle, making a statement that resonates with confidence and ambition. Embrace the allure of hip-hop fashion and the undeniable power it holds with our "Diamond Money Bag Pendant". Shine like a superstar and leave a trail of brilliance in your wake.

Reference Specifications:

Length (mm) Width (mm) Thickness (mm) Gold (g) Carat (ct)
25 13 5.3 2.13 0.513
  • 100% Natural Diamonds
  • VS-SI Clarity Diamonds
  • H-I Colored Ethically Sourced Diamonds
  • Handset Stones
  • Dimensions, gold and carat weight may vary by +/- 5% due to the nature of manufacturing processes